Week in Review: January 12-18

So what does everyone think about January being almost over?
Cah-razy, right?

The past few weeks have been fairly normal; nothing too crazy has happened, but we still manage to feel too busy all the time.

I haven’t even gone near my craft supplies except to attempt to organize/straighten/sort. I’ve even managed to pull a few things out to get rid of (gasp!). My goal is to finish going through everything this week so I can start my Project Life album next weekend. I hope to set aside an afternoon at the end of each month to do a page or two for that month and hopefully stay caught up that way. It’s a good plan in theory….we’ll see.

We visited grandma last weekend and had a nice time.
On our way back through Waco Jerm and the girls decided they had to cross this bridge. I don’t know why.


Madeline hard at work studying her favorite letter, M.  Of course.

mad school

Susannah’s such a crafty little kid.  She hates playing by herself but if she has to, she always disappears into her room for a while and comes out with something like this in her arms.  (She explained that she couldn’t remember the zip code so she wanted to make sure the mailman could get it to the right place.  Hopefully he understands children’s art…)


Speaking of mail, Mad went on quite a letter writing spree…


Jerm brought these lovelies home for me for no reason at all.


Nothing like ice cream to really showcase the differences between the girls.

PicMonkey Collage

We had a girls day out Saturday and had a pretty killer time hitting up some thrift stores and enjoying each others company. Love these girls.

Girls day

I found some awesome goodies, but I’ll save that for another day.

Ang convinced me to give the South Beach diet a try and I just moved into Phase 2.  The first phase was super strict so I’ve been eating a lot of meals that look something like this:


So far I’ve had some pretty good success, so fingers crossed that I’ll finally get these last pounds off.

The blog has still been a nightmare so I don’t think I’ll push my luck any further today.  Happy Monday!