Week in Review: January 18-31

I had part of this post ready last week, but we had to leave town suddenly to attend the funeral for Jeremy’s grandfather, and I didn’t have a chance to finish it up.  So once again, this is a review of the past few weeks.

The girls made these cool Viking ships in history.  Anna and Elsa hitched a ride for the maiden voyage.

photo 1 (5)

For science we studied about things that are found underground.  I can’t find the picture Madeline drew, which is a shame because it was adorable, but here’s Susannah with hers.

photo 4 (4)


Here’s Madeline’s neck-pillow-wearing technique.

photo 2 (4)


The girls had their first manicures, which they got the biggest kick out of.  They also love Amarillo, thanks to hotel swimming pools. We made a detour in New Mexico to check out a local volcano..it was pretty awesome.  We wanted to hike down into the crater, but there was too much ice and snow.  Maybe next time.

photo 1 (9)

photo 4 (6)


photo 3 (7)

photo 4 (7)


Colorado is so beautiful.

photo 1 (10)

photo 2 (11)

photo 2 (7)

photo 3 (6) photo 3 (9)


We made it back to Dallas yesterday right at rush hour so we stopped at IKEA to miss the worst of it.  Yay!  The girls love IKEA, too. Mad stretched out on this chair and said “THIS is the life!”

photo 4 (8)


Have a great week, everyone.



2 thoughts on “Week in Review: January 18-31”

  1. Good timing, getting back to Dallas at rush hour…what better way to wait it out than IKEA, right? 😉 Madeline is so funny!
    The snow picture in New Mexico will stick in the girls memory forever. I remember playing in snow when we went to Wyoming one year. We got out of the car, and threw snow at each other…it was pretty special for a girl growing up in TX.
    Love the update. Glad you made the trip special.

  2. Ok, flip flops in snow… What a memory! You all sounds like a cool family. See ya Friday! I can’t believe I just said that and it wasn’t a lie!!!!! YAY!

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