Week in Review: January 19-25

Finally, a nice quiet week. The weather has been wild – 70 one day and 30 the next, but we’re just going with it and playing out when it’s nice, huddling inside when it’s cold. (Except for that one cold day that I locked us out.)

We’ve been reading a lot but I just realized that I have only three days left in the month, which means I’m already behind on my yearly goals, thanks to the pile of library books I’m still working through. I feel like it’s a personal failure if I return any of the books unread and then repeat the entire cycle again when I do finally take them back (because I never leave without at least 50 books in my bag).

During our studies on ancient Crete, Susannah and I built our very own volcano, which I’ve somehow never done before. I mean, isn’t that pretty much required in elementary science? Oh well. I wasn’t exactly a science whiz at any point in my life. photo8

Mad worked on the letter N and I had to share her self-portrait of the dreaded naptime. She made sure to point out that naps make her very unhappy, as illustrated in the picture. 😉 photo1

She also made a cute little name necklace that she proudly wears for at least three minutes of each day. photo6

I have the girls fill out one of these yearly wrap-up forms every January and we finally got the 2013 version finished. Since I’m the world’s biggest failure of a scrapbooker, at least I’ll have a few memories of my kids when I’m old and grey(er). photo4

Have any of you ever played Quelf? Seriously, one of the funniest games I’ve ever seen. Here’s a shot of Michelle hiding in her “fort” during our game night a few days ago. 😀



I’m loving all the Valentines Day decor in the stores.  I don’t remember ever thinking much about it until I had the girls, but we’re all about the hearts and cupcakes these days.

I’ll leave you with a few  interesting search engine terms that somehow landed people on my page.

“most inspirational man of the year” – huh?!

“pet rock tutorial” – I’m guessing this one had to do with our rock monsters, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call them pets…

“rotten stomach from dishwasher to chef” – I would seriously like to know what this person was searching for.   Or maybe not.

“hasselhoff body” – Oooooookaaaay, then.

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