Week in Review: June 1-7

We’re down to two weeks until Susannah’s birthday party and then will be flying to Alaska two days after that so things have been a little crazy/hectic around here lately.

We’re still trying to finish up our floors (poor Jerm has had way too much happening lately, but he’s done a really nice job) and down to just the rest of the kitchen, my little craft nook (Which – eek – means I have to clean it out.  Not good.), and the garage.  I think we’re all ready to get our stuff back to where it belongs instead of everything being crammed into the same rooms.

These are terrible photos, but here are the cute little invitations we made for the upcoming rainbow party.  (We found them here.)

PicMonkey Collage

I’ve got to admit that rainbow parties are way more fun to plan than minions.  {wink}

Susannah lost her first tooth this week and we’re all breathing a sigh of relief to have it over and done with.  Her tooth was growing in behind it so I was totally freaked out, despite Jerm’s repeated assurances that it was no big deal.  The child is extremely proud of her new gappy smile.  (Is that even a word?)

susannah tooth edit

She also finished up take two on the Great Wall of China and we were much happier with the results this time.  We ran out of blocks before we could completely finish, but we’re calling it good.  She had a lot of fun with this one and it was definitely worth springing for the styrofoam blocks.

Great wall of China edit


Jerm rescued a turtle from the road on the way to church Sunday, which of course Mad wanted to keep.  That child and creatures.  He doesn’t really look all that appreciative of our efforts, does he?



Susannah finished up her human body studies (thanks to Natasha for the info; we loved using this book!).  Here’s her finished poster.  We apparently didn’t place things quite right….oops.

susannah and human body poster


I almost can’t believe I took this photo, being the spider-hater that I am, but check out this web.  So weird.  (Hideous little beast.)


Susannah is the master note-leaving/list-maker these days.  I find helpful little hints like this one all over the place:

susannah note

Thanks for the IDEA.  I think I’ll pass.

And finally, we saw a snake (dead) in the alley the other day and had to inspect.  Madeline was angry that someone had killed it.  How could they?!


Well, I’m off to work on birthday projects.  I’m slowly getting there, but still have too much to do.

Have you seen any interesting creatures lately?

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  1. Looks like a great week. We see creatures all the time living on a farm it’s hard not too. Right now we are dealing with a very sneaky fox. He is eating all the birds and rabbits so we have been hunting. Wish us luck! Harley lost (I pulled) two front top teeth this weekend. I was sooo sick of looking at them.

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