Week in Review: June 8-14

This week  has pretty much been a blur.

We’re still on the Romans so Susannah made a gold laurel leaf crown like Caesars.  She thinks she’s the top dog around here when she wears it.

leaf crown

I also finally took the time to start the child’s sewing lessons.  She helped make circle garlands for her party and did a fantastic job.  She’s already asking when she can make clothes for Bear-Bear.

photo 1 (2)

We took a trip to Ham Orchards to pick blackberries and check out the peaches they grow there.  The girls had a killer time racing to pick the most berries and tasting their amazing homemade peach ice cream.

photo 3

photo 1

photo 2

Favorite link this week: this one about homeschooling siblings.

The girls are staying with grandma and grandpa for a few days this week and I’ll be racing against the clock to get everything done before the party this Saturday.

What’s everybody else up to?


3 thoughts on “Week in Review: June 8-14”

  1. Looks like a fun and busy week you had. We love to take our littles to the local blueberry farm. The love to race and pick the most. I love for them to do it cause it gives me flash backs of childhood. LOL

    We are gearing up for a big 11 day camping trip. I am excited and nervous. Looking forward to some lake time.

  2. awesome. I’m jealous of the blackberry picking…how much do you have to pay to do that?

    1. The berries were $4 a pound and we just had to pay for however much we picked. They also had a store with all kind of fresh fruits and veggies they grow. It was a pretty cool place.

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