Week in Review: March 23-29

Technically this was last week, but here’s Michelle goofing around on our girls day out. We stopped by Goodwill on the way home and she was totally rocking these shoes. She’s a nut.



Favorite link of the week was this article about entertaining our kids too much.  This is something I’ve been considering for a while and was spot on.  I’m so guilty of this and I’m not loving what I’m producing.

I know I already shared this on Facebook, but I re-connected with my sewing machine (big hug, little kiss) and made this messenger bag. You can’t tell from the photo, but it’s huuuuuge and perfect for lugging books. YES!

messnger bag 2

messenger bag


Susannah received a clean bill of health at the dentist and found out that she has a loose tooth.  {gulp}

susannah dentist

The girls made resurrection gardens, which we’ve been faithfully watering.  We’re anxiously watching for the grass to sprout.

resurrection garden


Speaking of gardens, my peonies showed up this week and look like they’ve spread out a lot this year.  So exciting!


And even more exciting, Jerm’s grandma gave me her serger.  I have no clue how to use it, but I can’t wait to try!



Hmm…what else?  Susannah made a stick horse to represent Bucephalus (we’ve been studying Alexander the Great), but I forgot to get a photo of her with it and I don’t think you guys want to see me posing with a stick horse.  😉

I’ll leave you with a few more search engine funnies:

crazy outdoor grilling sandwich recipes – I’ve never grilled an outdoor sandwich and definitely not any crazy ones.  Google is a strange animal.

i’m willing to pay for – Obviously, I’m willing to pay for lots of things since the search engine gods directed people to my blog.  Don’t tell Jerm.

huge stack of books – Okay, this one is totally appropriate, but it still amuses me.  Someone must have been desperate for something new to read cause that’s an awful generic search.


3 thoughts on “Week in Review: March 23-29”

  1. I love the resurrection garden!! Wish I had known about that when my girls were small. There was no picture or link for the eggs…so that made me very curious:)

  2. I still want to know how to find the search engine things. I love that Susannah has a loose tooth! Your bag is adorable and I may have to break down and make one!

  3. Great update of the week. If I did this it would go something like this…..
    1. Church
    2. Work
    3. Work
    4. Work and church
    5. Work
    6. Work
    7. Laundry (work)
    1. Church

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