Week in Review: March 30 – April 5

There isn’t too terribly much to report this week, due in part to losing any photos I snapped when my iPhone was stolen.  🙁    It’s amazing how attached to that phone I was.  I feel totally lost without all my reminders and notes and apps.  😉

It was quiet around here, which was nice.  Susannah has moved into Roman history and is determined to experience a real Roman meal, togas and all, so you may see something along those lines in the next few weeks.

Mad worked on the letter “u” this week and to celebrate she made mini pineapple upside-down cakes.  That’s not my favorite kind of cake, but Jerm said they were delicious.  I may share the recipe sometime soon since I lost all photographic evidence of the last (extremely delicious) cake I had planned to post.



I also made these little burlap bags for the girls to use in place of Easter baskets this year.  I’m not a fan of the plastic monstrosities that multiply each year and I’m not about to fork out $10-20 for a pretty basket that will only get used once.  My girls adore bags and usually bring 1-2 with them everywhere they go so I thought these would get more use.  Plus they’re cute!  (Totally stole the painted bunny idea from here.)



Don’t forget to check out my giveaway for the new reusable Mod Podge Rocks stencils.  You can enter here if you haven’t already.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Week in Review: March 30 – April 5”

  1. Are you getting your phone replaced? I may want to text you~~~~~
    Love the bags and those look sooo yummy.

    1. Yes, we’re looking into replacing it now. I’ll be asking for numbers as soon as I get a new one since I lost all my contact info. Until then, you can reach me through email or Facebook. 🙂

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