Week in Review: ? – March 8

So I guess this is technically a review of the last three (?) weeks or so, since I just haven’t had it in me to fight with my blog by the time the weekend rolls around. I’m sure there’s a ton I could have shared if I’d taken the time to write it down so I’d actually remember, but since I didn’t do that….

The past few weeks (and this week in particular) have been pretty rough. The girls are doing great in school, but their attitudes have left a lot to be desired. I think I’m in serious need of a girls day out. 🙂

In the midst of all the frustrating days I ran across this blog post.  So encouraging.  Homeschooling is not easy, you guys.

This girl turned 5 this week.  It’s hard to believe that the baby years are completely past already.

5 yearedit

5 year 5edit

Here’s Mad making a fruit loop rainbow.  This was an awesome project because it took forevvvvvver and kept her attention really well.  The only downside was her constant begging to eat them.


Susannah sporting her Greek outfit we made together.  The books said that Greek girls wore buns with crisscrossed ribbons…poor kid, she really needs someone who can fix hairs to help her out.




Here are some more funny, interesting, and what-on-earth search engine terms that have landed people on this blog:

  • beautiful schlopp with a cherry on top – hahahaha!  This one just cracks me up.  Gotta love Dr Seuss.
  • charlotte gastaut cenerentola – Seriously, I hope this is another language or something.  Otherwise….
  • potty she look – WHAT?!!
  • how to read expiration dates on febreeze bottle – interesting, especially since I didn’t know Febreze bottles even had expiration dates…
  • sick kid licking cupcake – Um, okay?  Although if there was ever such a photo or story…it would probably be found here.  We don’t play around with our cupcakes, people.


Your turn!  What were the highlights of your week?  Next week is our spring break and I’m not gonna lie…looking forward to it.  😉

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  1. just had to try googling ‘sick kid licking cupcake’…..and what do you know. your blog was like the third one in the results.
    either you blog way too much about cupcake or sick kids, or there’s a post I missed somewhere.

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