Week in Review: May 11-17

I didn’t do too hot on the recording-our-week-in-photos, so I apologize in advance.
Mad just finished up the letter Z this week and everything seems to be suddenly clicking in her reading, so we’re pretty excited about that.

Susannah’s about 4/5 of the way through most of her work, too, and we’re starting to realllllly look forward to our month-long break in June/July.   I guess I should start considering what we’ll need for the next grades, since we’re doing year-round and won’t have a regular summer break.

Here’s photographic evidence of just how much I’m willing to humiliate myself in exchange for a free product.  Thank you Listerine, I have now shown the world how I swish.


I broke down and decided to have a yard sale (after I swore never again) so I’m pulling stuff together to be ready this coming weekend.  Just shoot me now.  Yard sales are so much work, but I’m taking the cheaters way out and not labeling this time around.  I hate to do that, because I know it’s irritating, but I’m thinking of doing the “grouping by similar price” method.

Let see, what else….

We’re late to the Frozen bandwagon, but having watched it this week (several times) this is what’s been going down in our house:

Madeline – (exceedingly loud and boisterous) “LET IT GO, LET IT GO, (insert a bunch of made-up lyrics), LET IT GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

Susannah – (with hands clapped over her ears) “Mooo-ooom, she’s bugging me again!”

Me – (rolling eyes)  “Just let it go, Susannah, let it go.”

A few minutes later, after quiet is once again reining supreme…

Me – (under my breath) …”let it g…”   Stop suddenly, realizing this:


Mad – (instantly, from other room) “HERE I STAND!  (wrong word, wrong word), LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. (hits impossibly high note in an octave not yet known to man)…..OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

Susannah – “MOOOOM!!!!”

Me – “We’re never watching another Disney movie again, ever.”


Went to some garage sales today with Elaine and Michelle (you know, to help along my de-cluttering efforts) and scored the mega-jackpot of all yard sales in the history of ever.  Well, for me, anyways.  We hit this sale that had all brand-new stuff, and I got alllllll this crafting stuff for, wait for it, $10!!!

Garage Sale Loot 3

My favorite items are the burlap canvases (18 double packs) and Smash journals (14 total).  Every time I tried to leave I found something else I needed/wanted and I’m seriously questioning whey I didn’t get more than I did.  Also….where on earth these people got this stuff.

PicMonkey Collage

I’ve been looking for a double bed for the girls and found an awesome deal on a platform bed with 12 storage drawers.  Love that it works as a bed AND dresser.  No photo yet.  Jerm and I took half the afternoon trying to put the beast together since my memory of it being taken apart wasn’t exactly a reliable instruction manual.

Oh…I forgot to share the cards the girls gave Jerm for his birthday last month.  Could these possibly reflect their personalities any better?

PicMonkey Collage1

Dady-wady?  Kill me now.

PicMonkey Collage3

Currently reading:  Killing Jesus by Bill O’Reilly.  Well, if you can call 2 pages in, reading.  I really enjoyed Killing Lincoln, so I’m interested to see how this one compares.



So how was your week?  Score any awesome deals?  Read anything good?  Want to break your Frozen cd in a trillion pieces?  🙂



7 thoughts on “Week in Review: May 11-17”

  1. Went to three thrift stores in Pearland and didn’t find a thing except a little heart charm with Lydia on it. Not such a great shopping week for me.

  2. 1. You look smokin hot in MISD blue.
    2. Your probably my favorite writer of all time.
    3. Movies don’t come on CD’s.
    4. You didn’t mention the most entertaining part of the garage sale adventure…..

    1. More than FRANK PERETTI?! More than MICHAEL CRICHTON?!?!

      and….movies do have soundtracks, which is what I was referring to. So there. I win. 😉

  3. We love Frozen in our home also,,, well some of do. Hudson mainly. I will have to record him singing it before he realizes he’s a boy and prays no one recorded him singing it. LOL Also Harley and Hudson have fights over who will be who and which one get’s to sing what. SHOOT ME NOW! But like you said, a piece of my soul dies as I join in with them. LET IT GO ALREADY!
    Like I say every time I comment,,, I wish we lived closer. I want to yard sale with you, I miss you and October just can’t get here fast enough. If Lanae don’t let us know something soon, we are just gonna have to make plans. The life with a traveling preacher is always busy.

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