Week in Review: May 18-24

Anybody else not quite able to believe that we’re on the last week of May?  I swear yesterday was the first and now it’s almost June.

This week was a wild one, and I’m feeling it today…so sleepy. We participated in a local homeschool group field day on Tuesday and had a blast.  The girls were a little overwhelmed at first by all the kids, but made new friends quickly and are already anticipating next year.

Susannah powered through the three-legged race to take first place in her age division.  Not really surprising…the child is all brute strength (obviously not something she gets from me). field day 2

Madeline wasn’t quite as thrilled with this particular race.  She and her little partner decided they’d rather walk very carefully than chance falling down.  Gotta love five-year-olds.  So practical.

You can pretty much tell by the look on their faces that they aren’t too sure about this whole idea… field day

It was a really fun day and I’m glad we went.  We’ll be participating with this group again soon, I think.

field day 4

Susannah and I attempted to make a model of the original dirt portion of the Great Wall of China but it was a complete failure (largely because I had too many other things happening this week and didn’t prepare correctly), so I promised that we’d work on a variation of the same project next week.  I’m trying to decide if I should use sugar cubes like we did with the pyramids or splurge a little and buy styrofoam bricks.  What do you guys think?  Bare minimum or go all out?

I’m in the middle of a few new sewing projects, but didn’t get anything totally finished this week, thanks to the school activities and the yard sale I had this weekend.  Here are a few things I whipped up last week, though.

First up, a case for my Kindle Fire.  I carry it with me everywhere (along with at least one print book – have to be prepared for any mood), but hated that it was just floating around in my giant bag.  This case will keep it from getting scratched up and was super easy to make.  Plus it’s cute!

(Tutorial here.) kindle cover 2 kindle cover

I had a similar issue with my sunglasses, so I made a case for those as well.  I really used up a lot of scraps with these projects, which is always nice.   That way I don’t feel quite as guilty about the yards and yards worth of scraps I’ve accumulated.  When the guilt pops up I can just point my conscience to these happy little projects.  😉

(I followed this tutorial.) PicMonkey Collage2

I also made myself an art kit similar to the ones I made for the girls a few years back, but it didn’t turn out quite like I imagined and was a giant pain from start to finish.  I’m not sure at this point if I’m going to try to make it work or just start over.

The last thing I made last week (see, I was pretty productive) is this adorable little wallet (also using scraps!).  It’s a little wonky on one edge, where I closed the seam, but overall I really like it.  The curved pocket on the inside was supposed to fit my iPhone, which I obsessively checked while making, and it worked all the way up until I did the topstitch, at which point I realized that it would never fit with the the case on (and which Jerm informs me I can’t remove – boo).

So I’m just using it as is for now, but I may attempt a take two on this little lovely also.  (Besides I want to try to dye the elastic next time; I followed this lovely little tutorial in case you’re wondering.) PicMonkey Collage

You guys have to check out these pages from Susannah’s church journal.  She loves to draw and write and it makes me so happy when she shows me her work.

s poem s drawing 2

She told me this is her first poem.  I had to take a photo so I could remember it always.

s drawing

What was your week like?  Busy or calm?  Did you try anything new?


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3 thoughts on “Week in Review: May 18-24”

  1. Lately these days I don’t even know what a calm week is like. There are so many times in a week the thought fleets by about homeschooling my children and then I pop over to your blog and realize that it’s quite impossible with me working full time. I would love to be able to devote this much time. I have also thought about schooling at night but that is also outta the question as I never have enough time in the evening to get anything else done. Piano, church, and now swimming….. Not a chance.

    That all to say I think your doing an amazing job!

    1. I can’t imagine it ever being easy, but there are definitely curriculums out there that would probably be simpler/more streamlined that what we’re doing if you’re looking into it. I chose to do a more hands-on approach because I’m at home with the girls, but if I were working I would choose something different. 🙂

  2. that’s probably the single cutest poem i’ve ever read. Also, I agree with Amber. You’re awesome with all your projects and hands-on stuff for school. Great job. Also, i like the wallet. a lot.

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