Week in Review: November 17-23

I can’t believe we’re less than a week from Thanksgiving.  Seriously, I’m completely unprepared, so I’m guessing I’ll be really busy for the next few days to catch up by Thursday.

We spent a lot of time studying about jellyfish this week.  Did you know they have 24 eyes?  Yep…24!

Jellyfish Paper

Here’s a little video clip of a jellyfish experiment we did.  It was pretty cool, but kind of hard to see in the video.

The Nubian princess. 😉

Nubian Princess

Our word of the week.

Integrity paper

Although my Thanksgiving preparations are barely started we’ve enjoyed documenting the things we’re thankful for.

Thankful frame

 No school next week so hopefully I can catch up on some stuff!


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  1. Loved the HOT husband part. I tell Jared all the time that “it should be crime for a preacher to turn his congregation on.” LOL

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