Week in Review: November 2-8

I think autumn has finally arrived in Texas. I’m happy.  Also, cold.

It’s been a rough few weeks in school.  Lots of crying (on the girls part) and wondering what we’re doing wrong (on my part). Hopefully we will move out of this phase pretty soon, cause it’s wearing me down.

Because of our struggles, we focused mainly on math, reading, and science this week.  First, we studied some basic weather patterns and did the following experiment to demonstrate how rain clouds work.

photo 2 photo 4 (3) photo 1


We moved on to study about big storms.  The girls are fascinated by tornadoes (several years ago we had one just a block away, which they remember) so we read several books about what causes them, what they do, and instructions on safety measures to take if your’e caught in one (probably valuable information to share considering where we live).

We conducted another super simple experiment: the tornado in a jar, which has endlessly entertained them for the past several days.

photo 2 (9)

I listed the playhouse on a local Facebook sale page and within ten minutes had dozens of people clamoring for it.  I was a little surprised at how quickly it sold.  But not as surprised at how little the girls used it…I really thought they’d love it, but they prefer the sandbox and trampoline.

photo 1 (3) - Copy

And for the big news of the week, this kitten showed up at our door on Tuesday and never left.  I tried multiple times to take it to the local animal shelter, but they were never open and never sent a truck to pick it up, despite promising they would.  Nobody has come looking for it either, so after watching Mad cry every time she thought the cat had disappeared, Jerm took pity on the child and said she could keep it (unless, of course, someone comes looking for it). She’s out of her mind in love with the little fuzzball and has barely let it leave her arms  to eat or drink. She even sat with it for hours on the cold, rainy days earlier this week. Thankfully it’s pretty patient with her. I’ve never seen a kid so adoring of animals.

photo 2 (4)


That’s it for this week. The holidays are coming up fast and I’m not prepared in the least.  How about you?



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  1. That is very ironic…another blog I follow, and I only follow 2 or 3, well they lost their cat!! I happen to love cats:)

  2. Catching up a bit on Facebook. Can’t blame Madeline–that kitten is adorable. I wouldn’t have been able to send it to an animal shelter–woe is me since I have a million dogs!

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