Week in Review: November 3-9

We had a decent week around here, a little busy, but not unmanageable.

The worst part of the week was the monthly shopping = blech!  Want to see what a months worth of groceries looks like for us (minus the weekly milk, eggs, and produce)?



Madeline studied the letter “G” this week.

G Board


So she made a gift for the Graggs.

Mads cake


Susannah studied hedgehogs this week (I’ve always kind of wanted one as a pet, but did you know that they spit on themselves?  Ew!).



Sometimes I wonder if my kids will ever quite fighting and then I find something like this and it gives me hope. 😉

Susannah drawing (1)


In other school news, Susannah had her first introduction to algebra and did just fine solving for the unknown (yay!).  Since we were studying ancient China this week she made a Ming bowl out of clay, but unfortunately her first attempt had an untimely demise and the second one isn’t done yet, so we’ll have to show you how it turns out next week.

And finally, the girls were in awe of the lovely bride at the wedding we attended last night.  Jerm says he hopes this is as close as they ever get….

20131109_201955 (1)


How was your week?  Have you been to any weddings lately?  Jerm said he thinks he could become a wedding -crasher just for the cake….  😉

4 thoughts on “Week in Review: November 3-9”

  1. No weddings lately, but the last one I did go to, was a HAPPY one. I love your chalkboard door. The Autumn Hedgehog is perfect. I love leaf art. I love the way you do a letter a week…..you are so inventive I could just …..uh….Go Growl?

    1. The chalkboard was at the wedding. I wish it was mine. Its on my list of things to do, I just have to find a door first. 🙂

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