Week in Review: October 20-26

Another mostly at-home week.  Yes!  I think I’ve officially become a boring old woman who likes to hunker down at home under my afghan (which I technically don’t have).

Madeline worked on the letter “F” this week.  She cried and moaned and despaired of ever being able to write a lowercase f.  And then she wrote about twenty billion perfectly.  Pretty much how it goes every week.  (When is SOMEONE going to invent an eye-roll emoticon?!?)

She made tp roll fish, frozen fruit drinks, and fingerprint flowers.

F Collage

She also drew this lovely fox.  I told her it was a nice girl and she was all offended that I didn’t realize it was a fox.  She informed that her foxes have braids.  Duh, mom.

Mads fox

We went to a book fair in Waxahachie.

Book Fair

Susannah learned this week that whales have belly buttons.  Okay, I learned that too.  Who would have thought?  I think I liked the whale study more than she did.  Whales are awesome.  But I don’t think I’d want to be swallowed by one or anything.  Since I’m super lame and didn’t get a photo of any of her school projects this week, here are some adorable drawings she made for me one afternoon.  Notice the hair; this is  very Susannah-characteristic and she draws all of her females like that.  Always has.

Susannah's drawings

Here’s a cake  I made for our church potluck.  I was going to post the recipe but I never got a photo of all the cool layers inside since somebody (who shall remain nameless – I’m having to do that a lot these days) sliced off the entire side of the cake, thus ruining it’s photogenicity (just humor my word-maker-upper skills).  So I’m doing the mature thing and pouting about it.

Kit Kat Cake 4

Finally, I find myself a little obsessed with mini pumpkins this year.  Here’s a peek at my latest little project.  Can you guess what they’re going to be?

Mini Pumpkins


3 thoughts on “Week in Review: October 20-26”

  1. I haven’t bought ANY pumpkins, mini or otherwise, this year. YET. Are they going to be name-card things for thanksgiving?! Because if so, I LOVE YOU.
    or candle holders?

  2. Also, I want to know what kind of cake has candy bars on top.I originally thought they were twix but on closer inspection they seem to be something more like 3 Musketeer (gag).

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