Week in Review: October 27 – November 2

Since we’re doing year-round schooling we had this week off and it was like the heavens opened with angels singing and light shining down and stuff.  Or, to put it less dramatically, it was nice.  We’re all feeling rested and refreshed and ready to start back up on Monday.  Although I am dreading the monthly shopping trip I need to make…

I worked on a bunch of projects that I haven’t had a chance to finish (or start) and actually made a (small) dent in my pile.  I’m hoping to start a series next week on DIY gifts since the holidays are (gulp) almost upon us.

I’m not gonna lie, the girls spent a lot of time watching movies this week because it rained a lot.  Thankfully they got tired of being zombies at some point and transformed Mad into Rapunzel.  Nice “hair”, huh?

My KitchenAid got a little makeover.  Maybe she doesn’t feel so tired now.



I finished my blogging challenge and only missed one day.  If you’re looking for book recommendations you can see the entire list here.  Even though it’s kind of exhausting blogging every day I look forward to October every year because of it.  One of the best things about the challenge is getting to know new bloggers through their 31 day series.  In 2011 my favorite 31 Days series was written by Mandy at Biblical Homemaking and I’ve loved reading her blog ever since.  Last year my favorite was the 31 Days of Children’s Book Crushes by Shelley @ The Book Diaries.  I may or may not stalk her blog to this day.  Books always draw me in.  This year I discovered several new blogs that were super fun to follow through their 31 Days series and I can see myself reading long-term.  In no particular order, here are the series I enjoyed most:

Heather’s would have made my list if she hadn’t told the whole world about my french bread secrets.  Not cool.


And finally, I saw a recipe at Tatertots and Jello yesterday for Milky Way Caramel Apple Dip and I obsessed about it so much that I decided we had to try it for our treat.  And let me tell you…it is divine.  Seriously.

Milky Way Caramel Dip


The girls are suuuuuuper excited about the party at the church tomorrow.  I’m not as excited because I know they’re going to bring candy home and I’m going to have to duct tape around my entire head to keep myself from eating it….

How was your week?  Try any new recipes lately?  Discover any new blogs?

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  1. Your Kitchen-aide make-over was suuuuuuuuuuuch a cute idea! You continually amaze me.
    Rapunzel was adorable. And now I want that apple dip…right now. Thanks.

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