Week(s) in Review: December 21 – January 10

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a recap, mostly due to a LOT of sickness.  Nobody wants to see photos of kleenex and red-rimmed eyes, right?


We’re all on the (very SLOW) road to recovery now, and settling into our post-holiday routine. A few activities we worked on during the break:

Christmas cookie baking/decorating – tradition.

IMG_2235 IMG_2246


We also worked on decorating some paper mache houses. Confession: mine still isn’t quite done.  I blame the bronchitis. Don’t judge.

photo 1 (3)

We “grew” a candy cane by planting a peppermint in soil and watching is sprout over the course of a few days. Magical, right? (Honestly, I’m pretty shocked that Susannah didn’t put two and two together when she saw the bowl of mini candy canes appear a few days later.)  photo (21)

IMG_2217 IMG_2218


We had a wonderful Christmas with family – lots of games and food and fun.  I have to show you guys what Madeline picked out (all on her own, I swear) for her grandma.

IMG_2207 Yes, that is a plunger.  She decided that would be hilarious.  I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff.

The plague hit us right after Christmas, and while it wasn’t really how we wanted to spend the last week of our break, it did make us really slow down and rest quite a bit, which probably isn’t a bad thing.

This past week we started school back up and it went surprisingly smoothly.  Maybe we were all ready to get back to it. I was still feeling under the weather so we didn’t do anything that required me gathering supplies, but we finished up our gigantic stack of holiday books we’d gathered to read over the break and enjoyed snuggling together on the couch.  We’ve decided our favorite holiday book this season is Santa Claus The World’s Number One Toy Expert by Marla Frazee.  It’s pretty adorable. IMG_2275 IMG_2276


As always, I had the girls fill out some end-of-year questionnaires, which I’ll file away with all the previous years so I can pull them out and enjoy them when I’m old.  Or next year.  Whichever happens first. 🙂

It’s always a fun activity and I know someday I’ll be happy I had them do this when they were small.

Apparently Susannah wants to improve her MATHEMATICS this year.  I think that her wish can be accommodated. (I’ve never called it mathematics, so I’m not sure where she even came up with that.)

2014 Review


I’ve been thinking over my goals for the year and may post more about them later. I’ve been promising myself I was going to keep an art journal for a couple of years now, so I committed myself to two separate projects to keep myself on task: the Documented Life Project and Documented Faith.  One focuses on new techniques and the other is more of a faith journal; both give weekly prompts and loose guidelines to work within. I may not post my pages every week, but I’ll try to at least occasionally to keep myself accountable. (I’ll probably share more frequently on Instagram – follow along here.)  Here are my first pages.

Documented Life Project
Documented Life Project
Documented Faith
Documented Faith

Hmm, what else?  I’ve got a few small projects in the works that I hope to finish up and share soon.  Here’s a photo of some bookmarks I made this week.  No more receipts and kleenex to hold my place in books!  I used a mix of watercolors, acrylics, and ink, then stitched around the edges with my sewing machine. I kinda love how they turned out.

Watercolor Bookmarks


I think that pretty much sums up our last couple of weeks. The holidays are sparkling and fun and awesome, but I almost love the fresh start of a new year even more.  Goal-making and piles of lists are kind of my thing, though, so it’s not really surprising.

What have you been up to over the break?  Did you make any goals for 2015? Please share!






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