Week(s) in Review: November 9-22

Man, where does the time go? I swear, I blink and another week has gone by.  This year is just OVER, people.  No really, by the time I hit publish, it probably will be!)

Here’s what we’ve been doing with our time:

Making edible oasis during our studies of the Arabian Penninsula (also, reading about Sinbad – the girls love his stories).

photo 2 (8)edit photo 3 (7)

Since mom and dad have been in and out this past week we stuck to science, history, and reading, along with some practical stuff like baking a welcome cake and getting guest rooms ready.  Hey – that’s something we need to learn too, right?  We studies fossils and attempted to make a few of our own.

photo 3 photo 1 (2)

We went to New Orleans last weekend, which I’ve already shared about here in case you missed it.

photo 2edit


We are recording our daily gratitude with our version of a thankful tree. Please excuse the extremely poor lighting in these photos. (We are using these tags, courtesy of Jones Design Company.) photo (16) photo 1


My parents are in town for a visit, but I have no photos yet.  Sad!

Susannah got her first letter from her new pen pal and is beyond thrilled to make a new friend. It makes my heart happy to think of my girl and Amber’s girl getting to know each other. If life was fair we would all live close by each other.

photo 2 (2)


Finally, I had hoped to share a separate review of my November Ipsy bag, but I need to face the fact that it just isn’t going to happen this month.  The next week is going to be full of family and food and thanksgiving and I want to enjoy every moment.

Here’s what I received this month:

photo 4 (7)


I haven’t even had a chance to try everything yet, but I already know that by far and away my favorite products are the under-eye concealer (works awesomely well!) and the eye base.  I’m not a fan of all the lip products I keep receiving but I will be sure to try them all out in case I don’t know what I’m missing out on.  And the hairspray I may or may not use, but was happy to receive because I was considering buying a small can to have on hand anyway.  The Temptu highlighter I’m just not really sure what to do with.  Anybody have any tips to share?

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!



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  1. Great post! I took a picture of the photo of Susannah. I wanted to show Harley. She mentioned her on the way to school this morning. Wondering if she get her letter. I will be sure to tell her she did. I love that they are going to be friends, just like their mommy’s.

    Have a great Thanksgiving with your family. You deserve it! Tell Heath, hey for me and that I miss her on FB.

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