Where did April and May go??

I don’t know guys…I’m pretty much killin’ it on my blogging goals this year. (Please note heavy saracasam.)

So here’s the dealio on April and May. April was ridonkulous with the busy. We had our family reunion here in Dallas and let me tell ya, my house wasn’t made to hold 25+ people. It was fun and I adored having everyone together, but it was madness, plain and simple.

A bunch of us were fighting sickness which we happily shared and passed around like a bag of candy, so that was awesome. In some kind of sick twist of fate I completely lost my voice for the entire two weeks that most of my fam was here. That was nice.

But seriously, we did have a good time and I’m so glad we did it since we hadn’t all been together in one place for close to a decade.

The rest of the month kind of passed by in a bronchitis/strep-induced fog and no joke, all of May was pretty much spent recovering from April. We’ve been plugging away at school, happy to be in our routine, and trying to avoid being washed away in the never-ending rain we’ve been having this spring.

I seriously, seriously have plans for blogging, but obvs can’t make promises because I tend to break them on this particular subject. I’ll leave you with a couple of my fav photos from our happy family reunion. 🙂





DSC_0046 (1)


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